Tree Surgeon London are your local, cost-effective tree surgeons based in London. We serve as central as the Houses of Parliament, the iconic ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbeythe, and all of the surounding boroughs.

On top of our wide coverage, we cover every type of tree surgeon service you could ever need. Read on to see a list of the services we’re carrying out on a daily basis.

We’re open 24/7 incase you have an emergency. We want to be the team that you call in your time of need.


The team

The team is 35 people strong. This allows us to deliver a fantastic service to anyone in London. Our standards are extremely high throughout the whole company – all while remaining affordable in both the residential and commercial space. We cover both and welcome all works no matter the timescale or size.

With an expert team requires expert equipment. This is exactly what we have. With a fleet of 14 vans on the road every day, fully equipped with the best tools we have come to use over the years, we’re doubtful many companies can compete with our level of professionalism, quality and affordability.


Completely qualified, insured and trained

All of our surgeons have the necessary qualifications, training and insurance to carry out tree work on your property.

All of our team are completely qualified. For a start, we’re City and Guilds NPTC Qualified. Every single tree surgeon in the team has a Level 3 Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture or better. These are key qualifications in being a safe and competent tree surgeon. Anything less and they won’t be on the team.

When we bring on new members of the team, we make sure that they’re totally tree surgeon trained. This is part of our hiring procedure. We never want to risk our reputation by bringing anyone less than an expert tree surgeon to your property.


Protected by insurance guarantees

Insurance is extremely important in the tree arborist business. We would recommend checking every company that claims to have insurance that they do in fact have insurance. Plenty of clients show us really low tree surgeon prices they’ve been quoted. We either already know they’re cowboys or we can do a quick search for their insurance and see that they don’t have it.

The problem with not having the right insurance is that things can quickly go wrong working with trees that will be out of anyone’s control. Trees are heavy entities that can fall from great heights. If you hire a tree surgeon to fell your tree and they end up putting a branch through your bathroom window… You will be fine if the company has insurance. If they don’t have insurance? You could be in a world of financial trouble.


Our Tree Surgeon Services In London

Our tree cutting service is comprehensive. After 10 years in the trade, we’re comfortable in saying we can deal with all tree related problems and enhancements. From tree removal and stump grinding to pruning and crown thinning – our surgeons cover everything related to trees.

See below for a brief description of our most commonly carried out services. We can do a lot more, these are just the tree surgeon services we’re carrying out on a daily basis.


Tree removal

Our tree removal service is as simple as: no matter how many trees or which type of tree it is, we can fell the tree.

From sycamore to oak to willow, it doesn’t matter. With our 35 man team, just about any set of trees is never a match for the team we can deploy, residential or commercial. We can cut down any tree!

This goes for tree branch removal too. If you need to in any way reduce or remove something from your tree, we will have done many similar jobs before taking on yours, that’s a fact.

The average cost to cut down a tree really varies and depends on the type, size and location of the tree. The best thing to do is quickly call the team. They can give you a rough estimate over the phone (if possible) so that you at least have a basis of knowing if you want to call us out to quote up your tree/branch removal.


Tree pruning

Tree pruning is a very popular service around London. This involves removing dead parts of the tree like the branches, twigs and limbs.

This service is perfect for reducing the size of your tree, the space they’re taking up and encouraging light to spread around your property. Think of it as a tidy up for your trees.


Stump removal

Many people don’t know the complexities that tree stump removal brings. If thought about more viscerally, removing a stump is taking out what was keeping the massive, 30ft tree standing alive and strong. This is it’s base. We can grind out the stump, while trying to minimise disturbance and take all waste away this us.


Emergency service

We have a 24/7 call out service. Your trees is at the mercy of the elements. Due to the weight and height of a tree, they can cause tremendous damage if they fell from their great height. This could harm a person and it could also harm a property.

If a tree has fallen through your property int he middle of the night, don’t feel you have to wait until the morning. This is going to be extremely distressing and we’re on call to help with anything, anytime. Just give us a call!


Crown reduction

Crown reductions means to reduce the height and overall radius of the tree. We reduce the outer areas of your tree to maintain an attractive, even shape. Reduction helps to stop trees from blocking things surrounding it, like buildings and guttering. The amount of shade the tree is producing will also be lifted.

Crown reduction prices largely vary depending on the amount of reducing you need carrying out. Simply call the team for a comprehensive breakdown of costs after describing your tree(s) and the reductions you want made to them.


Crown lifting

Crown lifting is all about removing branches on the bottom side of the tree. This is for when there is space being taken up by branches, perhaps blocking a pathway and space is needed.


Hedge removal

Have a hedge that needs removing? We can get rid of it. We are doing this on a weekly basis.

Or if you need your hedge trimmed, we can do this and arrange a suitable contract so that your hedges stay looking excellent all year round. A well maintained hedge could last decades longer (it could last 50 years) compared to a hedge that is poorly maintained, which would be significantly less.


Green waste removal

All of our services like tree stump removal and tree felling will include removing the waste we created.

However, we have a green waste removal service should you need to get rid of a significant amount of green debris. This could be anything from trees, wood chip, stumps, garden sheds, shrubbery, hedges and so on. Our large fleet of vehicles are always out and about so we can do this on a fast turn around.

We can arrive to your property, quote how much it will be to remove the waste and have it removed there and then. Also, we will only ever dispose the wood in a recyclable/eco friendly way.

This seems to be a common practice in Brockley and Wembley of all places. No matter where you are, we’re happy to see if we can help by removing any waste you have.


Get your free tree surgeon quote!   

If you like what you see and you need a tree service, feel free to get in touch for your no obligation quote. As you can see, our arborist services are comprehensive and there isn’t an area in London we won’t avoid. With such a large team, knowledge base and equipment – we are confident no one can approach us with a job that’s too large or too small.

Simply call us through the number at the top of the page with your query and we can arrange your quote. Alternatively, email the address at the top of the page or through our contact form (it works!) and we will respond to your query within 48 hours.


What is a tree doctor?

A tree doctor (also known as a ‘tree surgeon’ or a ‘tree arborist’) is an expert at everything trees. People are often confused when they hear ‘surgeon’ or ‘tree doctor’ when talking about trees. The simple reason is that a tree is extremely complicated in its nature.

You can’t simply cut the tree with a chainsaw from the bottom if you want to take it down (extremely dangerous). You can’t reduce the size by hacking away at branches (you will kill the tree and it will wilt quickly).

So, a tree surgeon, or doctor, is named as such because working with trees is delicate work. They’re massive and also living. Any services carried out on these trees requires the delicacy and precision of a doctor, or things go horribly wrong (trees toppling – unsafe. trees dying – have to replant a tree and wait for it to grow for decades etc.)


How much does it cost for sycamore tree removal?

As ever with any service out there, it’s hard to give an exactly black and white answer. We can, however, give a range of prices and the main factors that will change the price of your sycamore tree removal.

The main things you need to think about are:

How close to a building is your sycamore? Taking down a tree is very different working in the middle of a field compared to working next to a busy housing estate. We’re often dealing with built up areas which is to be expected working in busy London.

Another consideration is if you want your tree stump removed – this is a separate service in itself. The root of the tree runs into the grounds removing this part of the tree takes a decent amount of time and effort in itself.

A rough estimate is anywhere from £500+ to remove a sycamore tree in London. As mentioned, this could be less and this could be more depending on the scope of the job, where you’re based (is it a safe location or are there buildings all around the tree)? Do you also need the tree stump grinding down (as mentioned, a complicated service in itself)? And so on.

What you can count on is that we’ll do a comprehensive site survey and let you know why we have priced everything the way it is priced. Our costs are competitive, insured, carried out quickly and efficiently. People tell us that they’ve gotten a cheaper quote and that’s fine. Our prices are certainly higher than cowboy tree surgeons, but that’s because we do everything right.


How much would it cost to remove a willow tree?

We’ll take away any waste created. We have the necessary equipment, and of course, a work van to remove any mess we have created.

The main considerations in pricing a willow tree removal is the size of the willow. A tiny willow tree will cost a lot less than a massive willow tree. The larger the willow, the higher we’ll have to scale the tree and remove branches from. It just means more hours and more work.

The second consideration was already described above, which is the surroundings of the tree. If you’re in a built up area, this requires more precautions in taking the tree down safely. We don’t want to harm anyone around your tree or yours or anyone else’s property.

Also, what is the landscape like around your tree? Do you have a garden that will need protecting? These are all considerations that we’ll have to work round and price the work accordingly.

A rough estimate on removing a willow tree would be £500+. Again, it’s going to depend on the factors mentioned above.



If you would like a tree surgeon job with us, we are always looking to expand the team due to the vast amount of work we’re carrying out in London. Our tree surgeon’s salary varies depending on your skills, experience and qualification. There’s a multitude or tree doctor works that we need completing on a daily basis. We sometimes advertise our tree surgeon jobs on Gumtree so you could look on there, or feel free to email us your CV if you would like to apply for a job. From there, we can get you interviewed and negotiate a suitable salary for the arborist work you’ll carry out.

And no, we don’t have any tree surgeon jobs in Australia…! We were recently asked. The two most outlandish places that we’ve received genuine job applications for were Australia and Canada. Unfortunately, our coverage has not crossed the UK border (yet)!

So if you need a tree surgeon in London, reach out to one of our experts today and we’ll aim to get over to you as soon as possible. Providing you with a free onsite survey and quotation.

tree surgeon in London cutting a tree