Can You Fell A Tree Without A Surgeon’s Help?

This article is written in mind within something we saw recently that was quite horrifying. Before we jump into the account of what happened, let’s discuss this question in theory.

Of course, the general answer is that you should not. You would not do your plumbing by yourself as you know that gas and the pressure related could cause you grave harm. This is almost a given. People go to college for several years followed by an apprenticeship to be able to work on your plumbing. The same goes for tree surgery. You can’t just walk into a firm and ask for a job. You need to be qualified and know exactly what you are doing.

However, you can fell a tiny tree. So it becomes a question of how tall does the tree need to be before you get in touch with a professional that should cut the tree down for you?

Well, we would recommend speaking to us or another reliable tree surgeon in London before cutting down any tree. Even a tiny tree that is standing 6ft tall! The reason is that a tree is a very intricate thing. Sure, you could well be safe cutting down this tree yourself. It is not that large and you probably won’t harm yourself or anyone else. However, what if you want the tree to grow back? What if you don’t want the tree to grow back? You won’t know what you are doing in either of these circumstances so you will probably make a mistake. Even if you inadvertently do the right thing to get the result you wanted, you won’t know if you did the right thing as trees take time to grow.

So, to be on the safe side of any dealings with a tree – just call a team like ours. We would be happy to provide some free advice on what you should do to get the outcome you want if you really insist on taking the tree down yourself. Now, we are certainly not recommending you do this but we cannot stop people doing what they are going to do.

In fact, we insist that you call us or another firm despite the size. And certainly, if the tree is over a few feet, just hire a professional to do it. You should not fell the tree as this will only spell trouble. Taking down a tree is an intricate process which you could get horribly wrong. Professionals can find themselves dead in this trade let alone someone that just has some handyman skills.

Anyway, hopefully that clears up the title of the question. Just always get in touch if you want to take down a tree. Don’t do it yourself. If you are going to insist on doing it yourself – make sure the tree is absolutely tiny and cannot harm you or you could end up seriously harmed or even worse.

The account

One of our surgeons told us this so the details might not be exact but this is the gist of the story. Essentially, the surgeon was at his home over the weekend. They happened to look out of the window and see a neighbour examining their tree. Working in the industry, our surgeon started to peer at what they might be up to.

The tree was not massive. Perhaps 10 feet tall (this is still too big for this chap to be examining it the way he was – this tree could be seriously dangerous).

Moments later, the neighbour disappeared then reappeared about 10 seconds later. What did he come back with? That’s right. A chainsaw! Wow. This thin yet fairly tall tree was suddenly met by a chainsaw through the trunk. We could be wrong but this guy looked like he had no idea what he was doing or if he was that experienced with a chainsaw. He slowly starts to cut through the trunk. Wincing as every second went by, our surgeon carried on watching. Our surgeon would have stepped in if he could but he lives in a built up area and it would have been hard to get over to the garden in time. It was all happening very quickly.

All the way through…

Soon after, the neighbour had cut all the way through the trunk! Craziness. The rest of the tree falls down, almost at random, and the job is completed. He could not believe his eyes!

This situation could have been seriously dangerous. Seriously, seriously dangerous. Thank god the man was not hurt but if he is living his life with reckless abandon like this – we are sure something is going to happen to this guy. Heck, you might not even have permission to fell your tree. Speak to an expert, for sure, indefinitely, absolutely, always. Please. Please. Pretty please…

Don’t be him

What we will say to readers is: do not be this guy. What could have been a small charge to take down his tree turned intro a free venture that could have cost him his life. Things can quickly go wrong when felling a tree and this guy had barely any precautions to protect himself. Another bad thing is that the tree root will probably rot now and ruin what little back garden he has. That is, unless our surgeon sees this guy pull out a grinder any time soon! He certainly won’t though as our surgeon went round later that afternoon and explained he was a surgeon and that he can help with any more ‘projects’ down the line… Speak to us before you do any work on your trees… Please!





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