Tree Facts You Need To Hear!

Yes, everyone gets stuck down some strange rabbit holes on the internet. Most are pointless. However, if you have found yourself reading about trees – we think this is a totally worthwhile rabbit hole! Trees are absolutely everywhere yet virtually no one values them or understands them. This is a great shame as they are integral to our existence on this planet.

The reason that these ‘save the trees’ folk exist is because trees are actually extremely undervalued by humans as a species. Without them, we would not be here today. So even if you have no interest in trees, you probably have an interest in the amazing things that trees have done for us and continue to do for us! So join us in reading this article about some amazing tree facts that you have probably never heard of. It seems strange that we, as handy tree surgeons in London, want to save trees seeing as we cut them down… But we do care. Trees are essential for our existence.

Trees keep us alive

Crazy right! Trees produce oxygen and decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. An acre worths of trees enables about eight people to breathe for continuously. Obviously this is going to depend on the size of the trees, how many trees there are on the acre and other factors – but trees literally keep us alive. Without them, we would be absolutely gone from this planet. For what it’s worth, a single tree will absorb about 50 pounds worth of carbon dioxide a year from our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is what we release after we take oxygen into our bodies. So again, if you did not know it or appreciate trees for this, they are one of the many reasons you are alive.

However, not all trees keep us alive

Believe it or not, there are even dangerous trees out there. We suppose this is not a surprise given the vast amount of trees out there as well as types of trees. There are plenty more trees than there are humans on this planet and this is not even close. There are estimated over 3 trillion trees in and around the planet. This number is never going to be exact but it puts it into perspective how many more trees there are compared to humans.

So, the Manchineel tree, native in Florida, is the most dangerous tree out there. It is really quite frightening what this tree can do. If you stand underneath the tree while it is raining your skin will start to develop painful blisters. Worse yet, if you burn the bark from which the tree is enshrined in, the smoke can send you blind. The leaves from the tree can poison water if they come into contact with them. The very worst outcome is if you eat any fruit that grows from this particular tree – you can die! So, although there is the odd dangerous tree out there, we have much to thank about trees and their long standing existence. They are some of the oldest living organisms on this planet with a history dating back as far as over 400 million years ago. Incredibly old!   

However, not everyone shares this appreciation for trees though. There was a very famous tree that was over 3500 years old based in Florida. This was the 5th oldest known tree at the time. A methamphetamine addict crawled inside the tree and proceeded to burn the whole thing down! The poor tree. Now that people know of human’s devious intentions, the oldest and most prestigious trees’ locations are kept completely secret so that people do not damage ancient history or their surroundings.

Trees share

Research has shown that older more mature trees share their nutrients throughout the soil to smaller and less developed trees near to them. Not only do they help us but they help their own too. It has even been shown that these smaller trees will then repay the trees that helped them to grow before!


Some trees are incredibly beautiful. Ever heard of the Eucalyptus trees from Hawaii? Their barks are a beautiful flowing rainbow colour. We have never seen anything like it and it is worth a quick Google!


Although it is always hard to exactly pin down the numbers, researchers seem to think that there are more trees than ever despite our widespread use of wood. This is mostly through forest growth.


Believe it or not, 99% of a tree is dead at all times. Only 1% of the tree is alive (things like small portions of the bark, leaves, root tips and so on)

That’s it for now from us on fun facts about trees. They really are incredible and crazy organisms that are living amongst us. We encourage anyone on this rabbit hole to continue down it, flicking through Google, finding out more and more about these amazing beings. Thank you for reading today!





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