Tree Removal Cost

What is the average cost of removing a tree you ask?

Firstly, we have to think that we’re in London, so the general price is going to be higher. Everyone’s cost of living is higher, so prices in general are obviously higher, as everyone in London knows very well.

So, to take down a tree, cost will depend on the size of a tree first. A large tree will obviously take more work and time than a small tree.

The second factor is where the tree is located. If you’re in a busy part of West London for example, you can’t just cut down a tree that’s right next to a main road. The tree will have to removed in a safe manner, probably meaning that the branches will be lowered down. Then, our tree surgeon would start sawing off the trunk of the tree from the very top right to the bottom. These large and heavy chunks of tree will also have to be lowered down so they don’t just hit an innocent bystander or a property.

We would offer that a tree removal, without stump grinding will be roughly £750 for most homeowners in London. Please don’t take this literally, it is simply to help people that really want to know an average cost.

“Do you offer a free tree removal service?”

Unfortunately, we do not off a free tree removal service as the service is simply very labour intensive and dangerous.

On occasion, we have helped helped seniors with a free tree removal for their service in the armed forces or just for the community in general.

““Do you have a cost calculator online?”

Tree removal cost calculator or a tree trimming cost calculator, but we don’t use these. Why? Because there are too many factors at play. We don’t want to lead our clients astray with a cost calculator. A calculator implies that the result will be accurate, when no cost calculator will be able replace a skilled arborist coming for a site visit and pricing your tree removal. Please just use our information as a guide to tree surgeon costs in London. Perhaps one day we will provide a breakdown of measurements, types of tree and expected timeframe and costs involved.

There are grants you can apply for to get a tree removed, especially if it is in the interests of the council. Generally, most people in the UK won’t offer tree removal as a service for free, but you can certainly ask around, Google it etc.. Getting a tree cutting service for nothing but free is like trying to get your hair cut for free. The service is probably out there, however, you might not want it! Especially if this tree is really near people or your property.

average cost of a tree removal being discussed in London by a tree