Tree Surgeon East London

We are an experienced team of tree surgeons, residing and serving East London. The company was created 15 years ago and now we have a solid 25 person team with 20 tree arborists in the team.

Our services cover both the residential and commercial sectors. Our team of 20 arborists can combine to take on larger projects or divide to serve local homeowners near us. We like both residential and commercial work equally.


Our pledge to you

The goal for is to create mutually successful relationships with our clients. Each job we complete is bespoke to you.

Costs we offer our tree surgeon services at are always well priced, especially given the quality of final product and service.

Our goal is to always be the team you want to come back to if you ever need tree services again.


Fully Qualified Tree Surgeons in East London

Every single one of our tree surgeons is at least qualified in Level 2 Diploma in Arborist and Forestry. On top of that, we train our surgeons before ever setting foot on a client’s property. You can expect a skilled and fully qualified tree surgeon to arrive at your premises when you hire our services.

The company is insured against any damages that might occur at your property. We’ve seen too many examples of tree surgeons that have come and gone over the years that weren’t the least bit insured.

Worse yet, we’ve seen a few cases of potential clients hiring these non-insured tree surgeons, then something has gone wrong. Who’s going to foot the bill when a cowboy tree surgeon fells a tree through your garage roof? Those aren’t cheap.

You certainly know that the cowboy is going to do everything possible not to pay, there’s definitely not any insurance cover… so that means you’ll probably be footing the bill.

This is a gentle reminder to check the insurance of companies that you’re thinking about hiring, especially if their quote is particularly cheap.



Here’s a general list of services that we carry out on a day to day basis. Need more than what’s displayed below? No problem. We didn’t want to put the whole list here as the page might scroll forever! Our services cover just about every single service you can think of related to tree surgery, hedges, shrubbery, greenery, firewood and so on.

Check our other services page or just give us a quick call if you can’t see what you need!

Tree removal

Get a tree removed anywhere in East London. We can fell trees in sections or all in one go depending where your tree is. The location of your tree is key for us as removing a tree can be a delicate task. If there are buildings surrounding your tree, we can ensure your tree is taken down safely.

No matter what type of tree you have, we can take them all down. It’s likely you’ll call and we’ll have taken down a similar type of tree as yours in the same sort of area of East London.

Another consideration is stump removal. Many people don’t know that stump removal is its own service in itself. Removing the stump goes far beyond ground level and requires filling after removing the root.

Stump removal

As just mentioned above, stump removal is a service in itself. Many companies are just ‘stump removal’ services because so much of it goes on!

In any case, our stump removal service is fast. If you have a stump you want getting rid of, feel free to call us and we’ll come and provide you with a quote. Upon making the quote, if you’re happy, we can carry out the stump removal there and then. We’ll bring the necessary equipment with us as well as equipment to get rid of the waste created. After grinding the stump we’ll fill the hole immediately.

Crown services

Does your crown need thinning? if your tree has become too dense. Thinning decreases the total weight of the tree and allows more light to seep through your branches.

Many people think they can just take a pair of sheers to a tree. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. You could quite easily start ‘killing’ the tree and making parts of it die. Then rot could set in and you might have an unsightly tree that needs removing.

Does your crown need reducing? Crown reducing decreases the height and radius of the tree. Reducing means to make the tree into the shape you actually want it to be in, all while keeping the tree within proportion. Crown reducing helps with keeping your branches out of things like telephone wires and neighbours’ gardens.

Green waste removal

Our fleet of vans makes it easy to offer green waste removal as a service. Have anything on your garden/surrounding/near your property that needs taking away?

We do everything from grass, wood chips, garden sheds, stone, pavement slabs and anything else that might not be wanted near your home.

We can tell you how much it costs to get rid of a tree, or any other waste or things that need taking away there and then. The team will arrive with space in the vehicles. Then we can give you a free quote and if accepted, the waste and trees can be removed straight away.


Our Easy Process

The first thing you can do is read some of our FAQs. Common questions like the amount it costs to cut down a tree get answered. They’re at the bottom of the page and might answer one or two questions you already have.

Call us

Just call us if you need any tree surgeon services. You can see a full list below on this page or click through to our services page.

You’ll be greeted by someone from the team, it might be one of the arborists or it might be one of our admin team. Either way, everyone will be polite and courteous when you call.

From there, we can book your free quote.

Site visit

After deciding on a mutually suitable time, we can come out to quote for your job. We only ever send professional tree arborists out to quote for a job. Sending anyone less than an expert and they would never be able to correctly price all of the work involved with your project.

From here, we can send you a written quote via email and text. Some jobs can be completed upon the site visit. This might be a tree stump removal (we can simply arrive with the grinder, quote and carry out the work if you’re happy to proceed).

Complete the work

If you like our quote breakdown, we can arrange a suitable time between us to come and complete the work.

Before arriving, we’ll have a plan on carrying out the work efficiently and safely. Planning will be particularly necessary if you have a tree to remove in an awkward location.

Our safety record is without blemishes at the moment and we endeavour to keep it that way. You can be sure we will carry out any work as safely as we possibly can.


Frequently asked questions for us tree surgeons:

“How much will it cost to cut down a tree?”

This is perhaps the most common question we get about being tree surgeons. A question like this can only be answered after considering several varying factors. In order to try and answer this question let’s look at them.

– How large is your tree? A big tall tree will normally have more branches to take down. Not to mention having more mass within the trunk anyway. Naturally, larger trees take longer as there is simply more of them.

– What are the surroundings of the tree like? The cost to remove a tree will be vastly different in the middle of nowhere compared to the centre of London, surrounding by expensive property. Bringing down a tree safely with very little to no space requires a lot more planning and safety measures.

As you can tell, it’s hard to give an average cost for cutting trees down. There are several factors at play.

Call our number and we might be able to give you a rough estimate of the cost involved if you have details like the height of your tree, the width and the type of tree.


“Do you only cover East London?”

We’re based in East London so it makes it easy to get to clients around this area. We do venture into the centre as well as the outskirts of East London when necessary. Just call us to see if we’ll get out to you. It depends on the job and our surgeon’s availability.


“Do you have a tree removal, pruning or trimming cost calculator?”

We do not currently have a cost calculator on the website. There are too many intangibles to select between. Our clients appreciate our honest and affordable quotes. You getting a wrong estimation via a cost calculator is not what we want to do.

Our team are perfectly adequate at gauging rough prices (if possible), whoever you get through to. If you merely need require a quote, no obligation quote – one or two from the team will come and do this for you.


“Do you have any tree surgeon jobs available?”

Expanding the team is something we’re always interested in. Currently the team is 20 people strong, with 16 tree surgeons. The demand for work is always high and we just about always keep up with it. However, there is certainly enough work to bring on more tree surgeons.

Just contact us through the number at the top of the page or feel free to send us an email with your C.V. if you’re a qualified tree surgeon and based near to us.


Get in touch

Call or email us today to arrange a free quote. With our large team of tree surgeons from London, you can always expect someone from the team to come and make your quote. Our team might be able to give general advice over the phone but your best bet is always getting a site assessment followed by an accurate quote.

Tree surgeon carrying out a tree removal in East London