Tree Surgeon Harrow

We’re tree surgeons based in Harrow. After 15 years of working in tree surgery and arboriculture as a whole, we are confident we will exceed your expectations on any tree service you may require from us. Please feel free to contact us if you need anything, or send an email through to us with the details of your requirements.

The team has gone from strength to strength since starting. This has all come about but really trying to exceed expectations, and not simply stating it on a website like a cliché.

The majority of our work comes through referral, which has happened as a result of actually overdelivering.

Overdelivering has allowed us to create a team of 30 tree surgeons that are now operating in all areas of London. We mostly keep our trusted team of tree surgeons in the West London area, but we have plenty of contracts and clients in other parts too.

13 years in the industry means that we bring a wealth of knowledge to every job that we partake in. You can expect the very same should you call and hire us for any tree work.

The company holds no bias between residential and commercial work. Both are more than welcome and we would love to help out.

Being tree surgeons in London has always been enjoyable for us as we continue to build up a lovely client base, usually through positive word of mouth and overdelivering.


Here is a quick look at our services. Although we couldn’t list the whole selection, these are some of our more common tree services. We would say that if you don’t see what you need on this list – just give us a call. 13 years in this trade has taught us just about everything there is to know about trees, hedges and shrubbery so we can probably help!

Tree felling

Tree removal in West London is the first service and first location for our first ever job some 12 years ago. Consequently – this service has been perfected across more than a decade. We’re always confident in providing a complete tree care, felling and removal service.

How Much Is A Tree surgeon in Harrow?

The cost of a tree surgeon in London is always going to depend on a few different factors. Initially, you have to factor in the additional cost that London living brings. That’s a given and applies to every service carried out in London.

The second consideration is how many trees and how big/tall are they? If you have tiny trees, they will come down with a lot less effort than massive oak trees. A small tree is going to be easy to fell and therefore a much cheaper service overall.

Lastly, where is your tree? Taking down a tree when it is surrounded by loads of properties takes far more care and precisions than when the tree is not near anything of value.

When taking down a tree that is near things of value (houses, people), we have to systematically take the tree down, section by section. First, one of our tree surgeons will get to the top of the tree and start bringing down branches from the tree to decrease the overall weight. Each branch has to be taken down in a safe way, so either the drop has to be clear or each part has to be lowered down. Once all branches are removed, the tree surgeon will start chainsawing the tree trunk from top to bottom. Again, depending on surroundings, our surgeon might have to lower every single part of wood that gets sawed off. You can’t just send massive pieces of wood flying through the sky.

These are the main factors to consider when hiring a tree surgeon to fell a tree for you.

If you want a total tree removal, you would also need to get rid of the tree stump. Cutting down the tree is one job, then getting rid of the stump is also a job entirely. We know several companies nearby that simply offer tree stump removal as one of their only services.

Tree stump removal

When you fell a tree, you’re left with a tree stump. Getting rid of the stump requires a grinder to grind away the stump until it is well below ground level. The trunk varies in how far it is rooted into the soil depending mostly on size. Grinding the stump to below ground level allows you to remove the whole root. Leaving it could mean rot and disease spreading through your garden, so that is certainly something that should be prevented at all costs.

After completely removing the stump and the root below, the gap is filled and the team will ensure no mess is left behind.

Tree pruning

Need your trees pruned? We prune trees to reduce the amount of leaf, branch and twig waste building up on our tree. Pruning is really just a ‘tidy up’ for your tree. Hire us as a one off or on a maintenance package should you need this completed regularly.

A recent tree pruning session carried out in North London saw us spend over 4 hours pruning a tree as it had become so overrun with its own waste! The service definitely made the tree look 20 years younger.

Hedge laying and maintenance

We offer hedge laying for anyone that needs a beautiful, green barrier. In this day and age, many people are opting for more man made dividers for their landscapes. Hedges hold their own still and make for a sturdy and natural looking addition to any garden or landscape. We plant a range of hedges in terms of density and style.

If correctly maintained, you could have a hedge for sometimes as long as 60 years. It’s all in the maintenance, because maintenance simply means to prolong the life of and maintain aesthetics of the hedge.

Crown thinning, reducing and lifting

Crown thinning is simply to reduce the branches and density of the tree. You would use crown thinning if you wanted more sunshine to pass between your branches and leaves. It is essentially for when your tree has become too thick and overgrown.

Crown reducing is for you if your tree is getting too tall or wide. Reduction refers to reducing the height or width of your tree, not the thickness. You need crown reduction if your tree is overgrowing, interfering with things nearby like telephone wires, or a property’s windows.

Crown lifting removes the branches on the lower end of the tree. Mostly, you need crown lifting if you want to stop your branches from causing an obstruction. Perhaps the lower branches are hanging from over your garden and into the street, or they’re based in a busy part of London and are hanging over the pavement. Also, more light is allowed to pass through the tree.

Green garden clearance

Our garden clearance is for anyone that has any waste in and around their property they want to get rid of. Our team of tree surgeons are always trudging around different areas of either East West North or South London. We might be able to just get what you need taking away on the way home from work!

Things you might want us taking on a garden clearance service is just things like trees, shrubbery, bushes, hedges, rubble and any other garden waste.

The process really is simple for something like a clearance service. You can just call us and we’ll arrive either that day or that week usually, quote for how much it will be to take away the waste and leave with it if you’re happy with our quote. No need to overcomplicate things!

Get in touch if you need our help

Please give us a call or drop us an email if you require any of our services. Having been in the industry for so long and managing to withhold a very high reputation, we’re certain we will only exceed your expectations with every job we complete for you. This goes for both the residential and commercial market – we favour both equal amounts.

“Which areas of London do you cover?”

We are based in Harrow but send our tree surgeons to every corner of London – North London, South London, East London and West London! Originally, we only covered the West, but a over a decade of serving the area has seen us continually expand until we can proudly say we help the whole of the city.

No matter where you are in London, give us a call and we will be able to deploy a tree surgeon to you in any areas like.

“Do you recommend any other tree surgeons?”

We are a tad bias, but we will humbly recommend ourselves as the go to company for tree surgery, anywhere in London! If you aren’t able to use us this time round, we know other tree surgeons we can recommend to you. As we’re aware, these companies have had good reputations over the years.

The first is Wassells Tree Surgeons. We don’t know too much about them but have only heard good things.

The other option is South London Tree Services LTD, especially if you’re not near us in West London anyway. We’re certain both will have websites you can simply find the number through to see if they’re available.

Letting you know suitable competitors to us is fine. We would much prefer you to at least use another company that will be insured and has a well known reputation. Terrible stories arise when we hear of people using cowboy surgeons. Your tree could end up dying and you risk hiring someone to carry out a volatile task without the correct insurance.

“Is there anything you won’t take for your garden clearance service”

There haven’t been too many things that people propose to us that we wouldn’t take. Virtually everything can be taken, especially if it can be recycled or reused in some capacity.

Asbestos is one thing we can’t take. Our tree surgeons showed up to a job in Wembley Where a client had a raggedy garage roof with a healthy dose of asbestos that needed clearing. We proceeded to tell the resident that getting rid of asbestos requires a specialist team to get rid of.

This service started off as a favour to clients but given how many vehicles we have, it makes sense to keep them working, so this service is relatively popular. Whatever it is, just give us a call and ask to see if we’ll take it.

“What is your current availability for jobs to be a tree surgeon?”

Please submit your CV to us via email if you are interested in becoming a London based tree surgeon with us. We aren’t necessarily looking for any new members of the team right now, but we always could take on more work. So, if you’ve completed college with a course in arboriculture or an equivalent and would like to become a tree surgeon, get in touch.

Although we are not overly active in trying to gather new tree surgeons to the team at the moment, we are expanding across areas like Barnet and Enfield where the demand is increasing. Not only is the demand increasing, but the maintenance (almost at the point of weekly maintenance) might mean we could do with extra tree surgeons in North London. If you have the qualifications and are based in this area, please get hold of us!


Originally starting as tree surgeons within Chiswick, we eventually took the base of tree surgeons to Ealing before finally settling on Harrow. The exact date escapes us, but it was towards the start of 2005.

From there, our tree surgeons expanded throughout other parts of West London, like Isleworth, Wembley and Twickenham.

The team continued to build as more and more demand would come in throughout the early 2000’s. We became better at our work the larger the team got.

Slowly but surely, we would start to leave the comforts of Harrow and venture into the South West of London. Although sending tree surgeons to South West London doesn’t sound like very far away, but with London traffic, everywhere is far!

By 2010, our team of tree surgeons were starting to venture into all quarters of South, North and East London.

The work has generally stayed the same. Any problem related to trees – we probably have the solution. Certainly more tricks of the trade have been picked up, but we always maintain that college education is a great way of learning all about being an arborist.

As we got deeper in the 2010’s, we started sending out more and more tree surgeons to places like Muswell Hill, Islington and Highgate. It was a big step for us because committing to jobs further away from the comforts of your hometown is a big step. There’s more travel and more risk involved.

This was just a quick look into how we grew our operation to cover a good majority of the city! Let us know if you need a hand.

We’re overly happy we took the plunge though. At this point, you can expect to see a tree surgeon from the team in just about any area of Harrow.

Tree surgeons carrying out a removal service in Harrow