Tree Surgeon London Cost

As we all know, services cost more in London. Our city is expensive. Also, we have over 8 million people living here, so it’s the most thriving place in the UK.

The same goes for tree surgery. If you hired our tree surgery services, they would cost more than if you hired a tree surgeon out of Nottingham or Derby for instance.

Similarly, hiring a tree surgeon in Twickenham to work in a slightly more rural area than central London will cost you less. If you hired tree surgeon in Wembley to complete a job on a busy street, you will probably pay more. So there are plenty of factors, and even a small amount of geographical distance is a very large amount of distance in London distances.

Please take these prices with a pinch of salt. They are merely for your information so that you can get a general feel for what prices are. Please don’t hold us to these, it’s just that we get so many price questions that putting up a general guide to get you in the same ball park should help our clients.

Tree pruning – in London, tree pruning is going to cost in the range of £150 – £1,000 per tree depending on the size of the tree.

Tree cutting – tree cutting in London could cost you anything from £500 – £2,000 depending on the complexities and surroundings of the tree.

Tree lopping – tree lopping is needed in London, again, due to the built up nature of the city. We have to get rid of large branches when they start to obstruct the streets or buildings nearby. The average cost of tree lopping is usually around

How much is their salary?

This will vary from person to person and company to company.

A self employed tree surgeon’s salary will be different to working within a company. You might seem like you’re earning more in a day as a self employed tree surgeon, but you suddenly have more overheads that you’re looking out for that a company would usually cover.

Your salary as a tree surgeon in a company is going to depend on your experience and the arboriculture qualifications you possess.

Overall, both are good and it just depends what your goals are. Ultimately, you have a good say in what your salary range will be as a cost effective tree surgeon in London, you either work for someone else or gain clients for yourself. You will need to be cost effective in this London market. Everything is expensive. People could quite easily just let their trees overgrow, so you need to give them attractive price and service offers if they are to part with their hard earned cash to you.

A good resource for looking for tree surgeon jobs is on Gumtree.

And if you’re yet to become a tree surgeon, you can find courses near you to become an arborist just by looking online. Plenty of tree surgeons in West London that we know took their arboriculture courses outside of the traditional college route.

“Are there other good tree surgeons in London?”

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to use our services, please see Boswell Tree Surgeons. They have a good reputation. We don’t know them particularly well, but we would rather recommend a company that is well known to ensure you don’t get left with cowboy tree surgeons.

tree surgeon working on a cost effective tree removal in London