Tree Surgeon North London are a local, professional and affordable team of tree surgeons based in North London. We cover the whole area of North London and are comfortable travelling to other areas of London, too.

You can expect just about every tree service from us. We deal with it all. After 10 years of experience in the trade, we’ve seen just about every tree and hedge related problem out there. Just scroll down or click on one of our pages to see which service best suits your needs.

Also, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is for anyone that finds themselves in an emergency situation. We are on call at all times as we know what can happen with trees. In a very serious emergency, call the emergency services, but still feel free to call us at any hour if you think we can help.

Our team

Our team of tree surgeons is 15 people strong. This means we can always deliver a fast, quality and affordable to both the domestic and larger commercial markets alike.

We’re all about affordable quality and are certain you will only have an excellent experience with us from the moment you get in touch.

An excellent team requires excellent equipment. Our team of 15 arborists are transported by our fleet of 7 modern vehicles. On top of this, it seems like we’ve been through just about every piece of equipment and tool out there. We’ve narrowed them down to the best and only use these when working on our clients’ property.

Trained, insured and qualified

Make sure to only ever hire trained, insured and fully qualified tree surgeons. Anything less and things could go badly, quickly. Sure, you might be able to pick up some ’steal’ prices from these cowboys, but your service might not seem like a steal when a window comes toppling through your home’s roof.

This wouldn’t be uncommon, either. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories where properties have been crushed by a serviceman who didn’t have the correct insurance… and someone always has to pay. Without insurance this means that either you (likely) or the cowboy (unlikely) is going to have to foot the bill.

Take confidence that every single one of our tree surgeons comes to us only after being qualified as with a Level 2 Diploma in Arboriculture and Forestry. This is the minimum requirement for even being interviewed by the team. We will only accept fully qualified tradesman that know what they’re doing.

On top of this, we train our team to the high standards we expect when they first carry out a job for a client on their property.

Fully insured

We have public liability insurance for £5m, meaning that if anything does go wrong (which it can when dealing with massive, heavy living entities), we are covered for any damages caused. So, this means that you know hiring us is safe and that you are never risking anything. If we make a mistake, our insurance will cover damages.

If you receive a very low quote and like the company – great. Just make sure they are insured to avoid a horror story!

Our tree surgery services in North London

The list below is by no means fully comprehensive. However, it does give you an insight into the kinds of jobs we’re carrying out on a daily basis. If you require a service that is not listed below, do not fret. As we mentioned at the top of this page, we feel as if there is not a single tree/hedge related service that we do not know how to complete.

Tree removal service

Tree removal is exactly as it sounds. We can remove any type of amount of trees that you put forwards for us. No matter what the type of tree, be that height, thickness or type (e.g. oak), we can remove it.

Plenty of factors influence the price of a tree removal services, such as the surrounding buildings and people, but our prices are sensible and affordable for both the commercial market and homeowners alike.

Some clients simply need to remove some tree branches as opposed to the whole tree. No problem, we can do this too.

Tree stump removal

We keep our tree stump removal service nice and simple. Just give us a call. The way it usually works is: call us, we can arrive to your property with the necessary team and equipment to remove the stump. When we arrive, we’ll assess the site and provide you with a quote to remove the stump there and then. If you’re happy with the quote, we can simply remove the stump straight away.

Rest assured, we will keep sound disruption to a minimum. On top of that, all waste will be removed so that your property is left tidier than when we arrived. We will grind your stump to below the grind and fill it immediately. We never risk rot or decay to spread throughout your landscape.

Tree crown services

Need your crown reducing? Reducing the crown would involve bringing the height and radius of the crown down. We will trim and cut away at the outskirts of your crown to make it more shapely. This is also a great technique to stop the outer parts of your tree blocking important things (e.g. windows) in its vicinity.

Need your crown thinning? We can thin your crown, which means to remove the branches that are making your tree seem too thick and uneven. This is a way of creating a more shapely structure without reducing the size of your tree. Key benefits are that more light will pass through your tree, as well as reducing the weight.

Need your crown thinning? We can take care of this. Crown thinning gets rid of branches towards the bottom side of your tree. Normally you would need this service if your tree is starting to block areas underneath it where people are walking or just generally to free up space.

Emergency tree surgeon services

We are open 24/7. If you have any sort of emergency at any hour of the day or night – call us. We always have someone manning the contact number displayed.

If a tree were to come down in the night and cause major damage to your home or something on your property, definitely call us. There is no need to wait until the morning if you are worried. This is especially true if the safety of your home has been compromised – like if a door is broken. We can attend the scene and deal with the tree/problem appropriately.

Also make sure to call the emergency services if you also require their assistance.

Hedge laying

Need a new hedge? Our hedges last decades. Hedges are excellent barriers for cattle and are also lovely, natural dividers for your landscape. We have laid thousands of hedges by this point and would be more than happy to help with yours.

If you require maintenance on your hedge, we also have plenty of these contracts ongoing throughout various areas of London. A well maintained hedge is going to last a lot longer than a hedge that isn’t maintained. The other consideration is how good the hedge looks, too. An overgrown hedge looks terrible and a well kept hedge looks tremendous.

Ive removal

Much like a hedge, ivy can look excellent if well maintained and quite frankly, hideous if not maintained. As well as how bad ivy can look if not maintained correctly, it can also do considerable damage to the outside of your home, like to your roof or the guttering surrounding it.

We offer an ivy removal service if you want to get rid of ivy on your home completely, or we offer an ivy maintenance service. This keeps your ivy looking excellently, trimmed and proper throughout the year. You would probably only need this every six-twelve months depending on the amount of ivy you have.


We are cutting down large amounts of wood every single day of the week, so we have access to a lot of firewood. All different types of wood too.

After we get firewood, we season it so that the wood acts as firewood. Simply burning wood won’t heat your home as the fire dries the moisture held in the wood. Also, not seasoning your wood would result in a lot of smoke being created which could lead to a build up of creosote in your chimney. Creosote could lead to a fire being started in your chimney. This would be a crisis. If you need firewood, we are experts with it after working with wood every day.

How much to cut the average tree down?

In some sense we do as if you had the exact same scenario for cutting a tree in two different locations, the price would be the same. We would calculate our cost through the amount of hours and manpower the job takes.

However, two tree cutting jobs are rarely the exact same. There are plenty of factors which are going to contribute to the average cost.

Firstly, how large is the tree? As you would guess, the larger the tree is, the more work is required and therefore the higher the average cost would be. A taller tree means more tree to scale and probably more branches to fell, too. This means more hours and more work.

Another consideration could be: what is surrounding a tree? Our tree surgeons only ever work to maximum safety and extra precautions will have to be taken if we are surrounded by other buildings and other trees. We never want to harm anyone or anything so if the tree is surrounded by valuable things / people then we will have to include extra precautions (which take time).

Lastly, do you want just the tree removed or do you also want our tree surgeons to remove your stump as well? The stump is what keeps that massive living entity standing so high above the ground. It’s a whole ordeal removing a tree stump as we use a grinder to remove the whole stump from deep below ground level. Some companies simply offer tree stump removal as a service! So this is another factor.

Essentially, if you call us and give us a general overview of your tree, what’s around it, the height and a rough idea of the thickness, we can probably give you an estimate. If you’re still interested after our estimate, we can come out and give you a more accurate quite for the work to be carried out.

Which areas do you work in?

We cover everywhere in North London. There isn’t a place we won’t travel to. We’ll even cover surrounding areas of North London and are happy to venture into places like Essex and even send our team of tree surgeons over to East London.

Our tree surgeons do a decent amount of work in North East London. As you get further away from central places like Camden, more and more work arises as everything is less urban. As a result, our tree surgeons are often working in North West London.

Our most common areas that we send our trusted tree surgeons within London is places like Muswell Hill, Islington and we seem to have tree surgeons in Highgate, Enfield and Crouch End. We have even done work for the Enfield council tree cutting, so council works are no problem for us.

Just get in touch if you need a tree surgeon in N1 or any surrounding locations. Our North London coverage is comprehensive and we’d be happy to travel to you and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Get your free quote, today!

Just call us for any tree problems you’re having with your trees. It’s likely we will have completed a job just like the one you ask us about, in a location near to you. Our tree surgeon London team will just take your details and what you need doing, they might even be able to give you a rough estimate of the cost, then we can send our team of surgeons to give you an accurate quote.

Either way, we’ll never be too far away as our team is always travelling in and around North London, so just get in touch and we will be able to get a quote over to you within a few days of you calling.

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