Tree Surgeons South London

We are a team of 40 people, with 35 active tree surgeons carrying out excellent tree, shrub, hedge and vine services throughout South London and other areas of London.

We plant, remove and maintain your greenery and have done so for the last decade. Most of our work comes through referral or seeing our operatives out and about, however, we would be honoured if you contacted us to take care of anything you need doing.

Our service is holistic and comprehensive, meaning that if it’s to do with trees, shrubbery or hedges – we will indefinitely be able to take care of what you need doing efficiently and cost effectively.

We serve both the domestic and commercial market with no bias over the other. Everything is welcomed and we can’t wait to help you with your project. Please browse through our site or simply call us if you require assistance.


Read on for FAQs

Being such a large company ltd tree services company in South London brings lots of questions and queries. We’ve done our best to answer the questions we most commonly get towards the bottom of this homepage.

Please feel free to keep browsing the site to read about our other services. Just call us if you want any help, be that free advice, booking a quote or calling about a current job you have with us.


Complete tree care

Our service deals with every single aspect of a tree. There isn’t a single service carried out on a tree that we don’t take care of. That’s why we describe our service as being complete tree care.

From planting, to removal, to tree stump grinding, to maintenance, to fixing using cable bracing – there is nothing we don’t take care of related to a tree.



Tree removal

Naturally, this is one of the more popular services we carry out most days. From small, singular trees right the way through to multiple, large amounts of trees – we can take care of all tree removals. It certainly helps having 30 tree surgeons at our disposal in and around the various areas of South London. Although we’re based in South London, we’re often working in both East London and West London. So if you’re from either of those two areas and like the sound of our tree surgery services, please also feel free to contact us.

What are your prices?

With tree removal, a few things are going to influence price, like the surroundings of your tree. If you’re in one of the more built up areas like Wandsworth, more precautions are required to take trees down. This requires more hours of work and more safety measures taken and therefore a higher price.

As you can imagine, if you were in an empty field, you can simply fell the tree like a cartoon. One swift chainsaw and the tree falls in one go.

So it’s hard to nail down prices for you on the website. Give us some rough estimates on the amount of trees you want to be removed, the dimensions of them if you can and the general surroundings and we might be able to give you some prices over the phone. But overall, the best bet on getting a price is just getting a free quote from us. We can usually arrive within a week that you contact us so it won’t be too long until you find out anyway.

Tree stump grinding

We grind tree stumps every week. The process is really fast. If you have a stump you want getting rid of – call us. We arrive with all of the tools and equipment necessary to get rid of the stump there and then, straight after quoting the stump removal for you. If you’re happy, with the quote we just get rid of the stumps straight away.

We grind the stump to below the ground to make sure that there isn’t any trunk of the tree to rot and spread disease throughout your garden. After grinding the whole stump away, we will fill the hole appropriately so that your premises is looking sightly by the time we’ve finished the job.

The premises will always be left clean and tidy, rid of any excess waste we created.

Crown services

We carry out every crown service you could need. From reducing the thickness of your crown so that more light can shrine through and decrease the overall weight of the tree, right the way through to reduction, meaning to decrease the size of your tree. We can take care of it all.

This also goes for pollarding. Ever seen those trees where they just look like the trunk of the tree with some branches that are cut off towards their origins? This is called pollarding. It’s to make the tree more safe, light and long-lasting. Just call us for any crown maintenance work!

Hedge laying

We lay hedges combined with maintenance packages that mean you can have a beautiful natural barrier that could be there for decades. Keeping a hedge in good shape is essential for aesthetics and will also keep your hedge alive for longer if well maintained.

Emergency callouts

If you’ve had an emergency related to a tree – give us a call. If no one is harmed and you don’t quite need the help of paramedics or firefighters and you simply have a tree problem, we’re probably the people to call.

It can be distressing if a disaster happens in the middle of the night. Incidents have occurred where a tree has fallen in the night due to storms. The tree has actually fallen onto a house, or generally around the property causing blockages and inconvenience. We can move/get rid of trees using our equipment and vehicles.

Even if you have a false alarm, we won’t hold it against you. It’s better to be safe than sorry and we always have someone on alert incase of an emergency.

Questions we get asked

“Do you have tree cutting services prices on your website?”

We haven’t included a price list on the website simply because we want to get your pricing right. It’s quite easy to give attractive looking rough estimates and for them to be entirely fabricated. There are too many factors in getting a great price over to you that we wouldn’t want to give a sub par price just to lure people in.

That’s why we always just say: call in to speak to our helpful team. The team will try to answer questions as best they can. Really, all the pricing questions get answered when we can come to your property/business and carry out a site assessment of your needs.

Then we can send you a written quote for the services you need. The price will be bespoke to what you need and your situation.

“What is a tree doctor?”

A term that is used for our profession is sometimes ‘tree doctor’. It is essentially the same as calling us tree surgeons, tree doctor is just another way of phrasing the profession.

A tree doctor, like a tree surgeon London, is someone that plants, removes and maintains trees, shrubs, ivy and hedges. This is our profession and it’s what we’ve been doing for the last decade.

The surgeon side of it comes from felling trees. If you’ve never witnessed a tree surgeon felling a tree, it involves being hoisted to the top of the tree and surgically sawing the branches, followed by the root from the top to the bottom.

There are other precautions involved like lowering branches that are cut off if there are valuables/people around the tree.

So, unlike most people are aware, taking down a tree requires a lot of finesse and training. That’s why it is likened to surgery and dissection.

“Are you open 24/7, 365 days a year?”

We certainly are. This emergency service hasn’t always been here but we introduced as the company has grown over the last decade. We heard of a few incidents that weren’t resolved in the night but could have been by a tree surgeon company like ours. Instead, the firefighters had to be called out. If a fire broke out, the firefighters could have been attending to a fallen tree blocking a driveway, then arriving late to an actual fire.

In reality, we could have been the ones to sort out the problem with the tree blocking the drive way and the firefighters could have been on call for what they’re meant to be doing – saving lives.

So although we aren’t a replacement for the emergency services, if you have a tree related emergency that you think we can probably solve and it’s not as serious as needing an ambulance or firefighters – give us a call. We’re more than happy to offer this service.

“Do you have any tree surgeon jobs advertised right now?”

Tree surgery is a really great trade to work in. It’s interesting, it’s outdoors, the work is diverse and hands on, there can be a thrill to it, most days are never the same. There are loads of benefits. You probably already know this if you are a qualified tree surgeon

The company itself is also a great place to work. We’re all about culture here. Having a good working culture with excellent rewards as a result is the way we’ve best found to keep this operation growing.

And growing is what we’re doing. The amount of referrals and recommendations we get is plentiful, meaning there’s already almost too much for us to be doing. We would welcome applications from capable potential tree surgeons or experienced tree surgeons.

In order to apply, you need to have completed a arboriculture related diploma in college or something at least equal to this. We can’t take people on who are not properly qualified tree surgeons. You learn too much in college and that is why the course is there. All of our staff get training for the way we do things here, but you need to come with a strong base of knowledge.

If you’re qualified, email or call us and pass over your CV. From there we can get you interviewed to see if you’re suitable for the team. We want hardworking people that are personable and well mannered.

We will more than look after you if you do a great job for us as our current team will tell you.

Do your tree surgeons cover South London?

We aren’t sure why we get asked this so much, perhaps because we do not appear anywhere on Google for South or South East London, but our surgeons certainly work there as we’re based so near. It’s not far from our home base and we have plenty of repeat clients that our tree surgeons work for in Lewisham, Brockley and Greenwich to name a few.

If you’re wondering… “are there arborists near me?” We will probably be within 10 miles of you within any given moment no matter where you are in South East London.

As usual, just call our number for any assistance. That’s the fastest way to get any questions answered.

“Are you affiliated with TreesAway in Nottingham?”

Not exactly, we simply know the owner, trust the company and recommend them to anyone that needs help up in the midlands. TreesAway in Nottingham are a bit like us. They offer all of the comprehensive tree surgeon services in Nottingham, Derby and Mansfield. Although their tree surgeons are based in Nottingham, they still cover areas like Mansfield, Beeston, the whole of Nottinghamshire and areas near like Derby.

The owner is a friend of ours so we often discuss how their side is going up in the midlands. We often discuss their tree surgeon prices up in Nottingham and compare them to ours. As far as we can tell, we would even be competitive in their area, which is a testament to our costing considering we’re in London.

If you need  tree surgeons in Nottinghamshire, we would definitely recommend those guys. Just give them a search or you can get in contact with us and we can give you their details.

“Are your tree surgeons near me?”

We certainly are if you’re anywhere in and around South London. With 35 operators, it’s likely one of our surgeons won’t be too far away from you at any given moment!

With maintenance contracts regularly being carried out in popular areas of London like Wandsworth, Harrow and Ealing (we understand this is outside of South London), it seems that we are slowly delving into all areas in and around London.

So if you’re wondering if tree surgeons are near me, we probably are. It could even be that if you need something like a tree stump to be quoted for, one of our surgeons could quote this for you on their way back from working on a job on the very same day. Call or email for quoting availability in South London!

tree surgeons in West London cutting down a tree