Tree Surgeon Wembley

Our tree surgery company covers the entirety of Wembley. We are based reasonably nearby and are regularly serving in the area. Several repeat tree cutting maintenance contracts are carried out by our team every single month here so feel free to call us if you need any of our services!

Essentially, if you have any issues to do with trees, shrubbery or bushes, we have a massive team. The ethos at the company is to overdeliver and that is the way we have managed to establish ourselves within so many minor areas of London.


Some of our services in Wembley include:

Tree removal – London is an urban city but it still has plenty of trees spurting up everywhere. If you need any removed, we’re experts in both residential and commercial settings.

Tree felling – much like tree removing, tree felling jobs are all about the way you bring the tree down. If we’re in a built up area of somewhere like West London, our tree surgeons know how to fell a tree correctly to avoid damage to people or nearby property. For your peace of mind, we’re fully insured.

Stump removal – this requires grinding through the stump and deep into the ground. We can completely get rid of your stump on the day of quoting the task for you.

Hedge laying and maintenance – we lay hedges and maintain them. They act as incredible barriers instead of man made materials and are particularly easy on the eye.

Areas that we cover:

We have…

  • Isleworth on a daily basis
  • Twickenham on a weekly basis
  • Harrow almost every day of the week
  • Chiswick on a monthly basis
  • NW10 and Ealing too

Get your free quote

If you’re in Wembley or one of the areas above, please feel free to get in touch for your no obligation quote. We can usually quote within the week you call us, or perhaps even on the day. One of our arborists will come round for the site visit and we will follow up with a written, professional quote.

Jobs we have available:

You’ll need the correct level or arboriculture qualifications if you’re to work for our company. We would not consider anyone without the correct tree surgeon education requirements to actually be an arborist. There is probably a London tree surgery company out there that will take you on if you have some practical skills, put you through college and that sort of thing, but we don’t offer that support just yet. There is plenty to be learned at college and everyone on the team is qualified. There are some tree surgery courses out there that don’t cost a lot and might be a good substitute for college. Let us know your level of qualifications and your tree surgeon skills, a good CV and we can take it from there.

At the interview, we can discuss things like your tree surgeon salary, as well as the hourly rate you can expect to earn. This would differ depending on the amount of qualifications and experience you have.


“How much does a tree surgeon earn in a day?”

This will vary from company to company and whether you’re self-employed or not. Our surgeons’ salaries vary but mostly start from £175+ a day.

Tree surgeon felling a tree within Wembley