Tree Surgeons Ealing

We’re tree surgeons from Ealing that help everyone in and around the area with their tree problems and needs. Our service has been helping everyone with their trees for the last decade.

The team is 40 people strong with 33 tree surgeons. As you might expect with this many surgeons, we have expanded our operations to cover other areas of London as our demand continues to grow.

With 14 vehicles, our fleet is able to travel to these other areas of London, like North and South London with relative freedom should you be based in these locations and need our services.

We have been fortunate enough to have 90% of our work come through referral from our high standards and level of service we consistently deliver. This is the culture we instil into the team and we always want to be the team you turn to when you have a tree problem.


Please see a list of some of our more popular services. This list certainly isn’t everything we do, but it gives you a good indication of the things we’re continually carrying out. If you haven’t found what you need, continue to browse the website to see our other services or call us to see if we can take care of your problem.

We would contend that any issue you’re having with a tree can be sorted by our team. We’ve seemingly seen everything when it comes to trees and would love to help you with whatever you need.

Tree services in Ealing

Tree stump removal

Some businesses only carry out tree stump removals. That’s what their whole business revolves around. Tree stump removal sounds like one of those simple things, but in reality, the trunk of the tree (which sits below the ground) is what has kept that massive structure so high in the air for so long.

As a result, you have to grind away all of the tree right to below the ground. You have to get rid of all the roots or else the tree will grow back or disease and rot might spread throughout your landscape. Clearly, neither are ideal.

As a result, we are dealing with a lot of stump removals on a weekly basis. Just call us if you need any amount removing. We can come and quote the stump for you and bring the necessary tools to get rid of the stump upon arriving. If you’re happy with the quote we come to the conclusion of, we will grind away the stumps there and then.

All stump removals are followed up by filling the hole we create. Then on top of that we will ensure your premises is left clean and tidy before we go. A good amount of mess is made but we never leave any client’s property in a worse state than when we arrive.

Crown thinning

Need your crown thinning? This gets rid of the ‘thickness’ or density of a tree. Crown thinning is particularly useful when all of your branches have grown to the point of being crowded and really, really dense. We can come and thin the tree without reducing its height or compromising your trees health.

Crown reduction

Call us for crown reduction when you want to reduce the amount of height or width of your crown.

Is your crown starting to reach over and into your neighbours garden? Maybe your tree has grown to the point of touching your home and looks like it could cause damage with some wind.

Whatever the reason, crown reduction is all about reducing the size of your tree without harming your tree.

Tree pruning

Tree pruning is all about getting rid of excess leaves, twigs and branches on a tree. This makes the tree look more natural and ‘fresh’ rather than untidy and overgrown.

Tree pruning in London is a popular service because it’s very affordable but can make your trees go from looking very average/untidy to brand new and fresh.

We can prune your trees as a one off or on a more regular occurrence depending on your wants and needs.

Tree pollarding

Tree pollarding in London is fairly common due to the built up nature of it. Tree pollarding means to saw branches off from near the trunk of the tree. This leaves the trunk surrounded by half length branches with absolutely no leaves coming from them. Google what a pollarded tree looks like to see what we mean.

Get in touch if you’re a homeowner or commercial client to get your trees pollarded. It’s particularly effective if you’re sick of the branches of your trees blocking light, causing a mess or falling off throughout the year. The shape the tree is cut into is always shapely and aesthetically pleasing.

Emergency tree services

We’re open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for any client that experiences an emergency. We won’t try and guess every type of emergency that you might face… But examples could be: a tree has fallen in the night and hit your property. You might need the tree to be removed from your home. If we can do anything that night to help, we certainly will. Another example could be if a tree has fallen in the night and is now blocking your driveway. You can’t get to work in the morning. No worries, we can arrive on the scene with the tools and vehicles requires to get the tree moved so that you have a clear driveway.

Please though, if someone is hurt, make sure to call the ambulance… Even if the accident has occurred as a result of the tree. We might be able to help but we certainly can’t do anything about anyone’s health – the paramedics can.

Just feel free to call through at any time if you have a problem. We’d love to help if we can and if your problem is to do with a tree, there is a decent change that we can help you out.

Get in touch

If you want any tree surgery services in West London or the surrounding areas, please get in touch. As you can tell from our description, the team is very large and very capable.

Either call us to speak to one of the useful team or send an email in with the kind of help you need. From there, we can arrange a suitable time for both of us for our reliable tree surgeons within London to come and give you a free no obligation quote.

Questions we’re frequently asked

“Do you have any tree surgeon jobs going at the moment?”

We’re always looking to expand the team. With 33 tree surgeons currently working in and around different parts of London, we have a large commercial and residential client base.

This is forever growing as most of our work comes through recommendation. As a result, we’re always looking for keen tree surgeons that know what they’re doing. You can never have too many good people and it looks like we’ll be expanding in the years to come.

The company is great to work for. Our team does great things for the company so we reward them accordingly. Ask anyone at the company and they will all echo this sentiment.

You’ll need to have at least a diploma level course from college in arboriculture to be able to join the team. We can’t take on people that don’t have a background in arboriculture. These college courses exist for a reason. This isn’t a trade you can simply jump into without prior knowledge to starting.

After joining the team, we can get you up to speed with our practices and the culture we work by. Culture is extremely important to us here. Client retention is extremely important so all of our surgeons have to be excellent with people.

If you want to apply for a job as a tree surgeon with us, just call or email us and send your CV. We can take things from there and welcome you to the team if you’re a good fit.

“How much does it cost for tree removal?”

Tree removal in London is going to cost more than tree removal in other places.

Firstly, it’s London. Everything costs more in London as the price of living is higher. So that’s the first reason that tree removal in London costs more just like everything does.

The second factor that being in London influences a lot is the surroundings of a tree. If we are bringing down a tree with absolutely nothing around it, it’s extremely easy to bring down. There doesn’t need to be much caution taken and you can simply bring down the tree and make sure that it doesn’t fall on the person cutting it down.

This certainly isn’t the case when working with trees in busy areas of West London. If you have a tree that needs felling but is surrounded by passers by, other trees or properties, the process is much more precise.

Bringing down a tree with valuables surrounding it involves carefully bringing down the tree, branch by branch and section by section. First, our tree surgeon will scale to the top of the tree. Then he will start sawing off branches, but attaching the branches to pulley systems so the branches can be lowered to the ground. This happens with every single part of the tree, even the trunk. You saw off the branches then start to saw the trunk from top to bottom, making sure to lower each part of the tree so that nothing suddenly falls from a great height.

The type of tree you have is also going to have an impact on the cost. A small birch won’t cost the same as a grand oak.

Another consideration is the dimensions of the tree. A massive, dense tree is going to cost a lot more than a tiny, short tree.

“Which areas of Ealing do your tree surgeon services extend to”

We cover plenty of areas in London. Each corner can be reached for the right jobs, right the way to East London and above and below in East and West London. Having a large team really helps so we can send surgeons to locations slightly out of our normal radius at times.

Other common areas we send tree surgeons to include: Isleworth, Twickenham, Hounslow, Bracknell and Crowthorne.

Our tree surgeons are working in Berkshire more commonly than in recent years so that has also been a fairly popular area for us.

We also welcome maintenance jobs for our tree surgeons in areas like North London and South London. The more maintenance and continual work we build up in these areas means that we can expand and cover these areas more frequently. East London is probably too far for continual, smaller maintenance works.

“Do you recommend any other tree surgeons in the area?”

Although we completely think our service is the best in Ealing and the surrounding areas, there are certainly other companies which also do a great job. One example is Complete Tree Care Isleworth. Their tree surgeons do a great job as far as we are aware and also have a great reputation. If you feel like you want an alternative quote to us or a second opinion, you could always speak to these guys.

tree surgeons scaling a tree in Ealing