West London Tree Surgeons

We’re tree surgeons that work in West London. The team is 30 people strong by this point.

Our main focus is in delivering an excellent service to clients in the hope that we exceed all expectations. This is the way we have conducted ourselves since day one to continually work mostly through referral and recommendation.

Feel free to contact us for all of your tree surgeon related tasks that need taking care of. Just about every service you can think of related to trees and hedges can be taken care of. Whether you’re a homeowner or calling from the commercial market, we have no preference between either and welcome both types of enquiry.

The team is certainly capable of taking on massive jobs with our 24 tree surgeons and 12 vehicles. The tools and equipment we have access to is also comprehensive and probably unmatched by most other tree surgeons in the local area!

And again, we have no preference. Our tree surgeons equally enjoy helping local homeowners in Ealing, Harrow, and Wembley as much as the surgeons enjoy working on larger, commercial works.

Professional Tree Surgeon in West London

Our team personifies professional. We’ll always arrive in signed vehicles and uniform. All works are carried out to a high standard as all of our tree surgeons are qualified to a Level 2 Diploma in Arboriculture and Forestry at the minimum.

On top of that, the team has over 100 years experience working in tree surgery between us. Expect a professional service from start to finish!


We have public liability insurance. Things can go wrong in tree surgery. This is simply because we’re dealing with massively heavy objects that stand high above the ground.

Hiring a tree surgeon that isn’t correctly insured could come at a massive cost to you. If damage is caused to your home by a rogue tree surgeon, they are not going to want to foot the bill and there will likely be no insurance to cover the damage.

Please have peace of mind that we are fully insured and we can show you the documentation to prove it upon starting a job.


Tree pruning

Tree pruning is all about keeping your tree looking fresh. We will ‘prune’ the tree of its waste; the twigs and branches etc.

This will leave your trees looking shapely and tidy.

Tree removal

Tree removal in West London is all about being safe and efficient with limited space. Some areas of East London are extremely built up and therefore we have to work smart with space afforded to us.

The surroundings of a tree complicate any job as you can imagine. These considerations are what change the average cost for cutting trees. Felling a tree with expensive property surrounding it is requires a more delicate process than simply felling a tree in the middle of nowhere.

Another factor is the size of the tree. The more tree there is (height x weight), the more scaling and sawing we’ll be doing on your tree, meaning a higher cost.

Straight felling & section tree removal

Straight felling trees means to bring the tree down in one go. You would only need this if you had more than a 10m radius of where the furthest point of the tree will land. In our dense areas like Ealing and Chiswick, this service is understandably less common.

We have two main techniques in bringing a tree down. Section tree removal is for when you’re in the built up areas of West London. Section tree removal allows you to bring down the tree in a controlled manner. Everything is lowered to the ground.

Stump grinding

Got a stump that you need to get rid of? We’re carrying out stumps on a weekly basis so we’re extremely proficient at the task.

This service is really simple. Just give us a call and we’ll visit your premises. We’ll bring all the tools necessary to carry out the work there and then if you like our quote. And of course, you can always think about your quote if you don’t want the stump being removed there and then.

After grinding down the stump (we go below ground level as all tree surgeons should), we’ll fill the gap that is left immediately.

Then we can get rid of all the wood chip and excess waste we have left. The site will always be left without any waste.

Tree cable bracing

We wouldn’t be surgeons without carrying out a service like cable bracing. Cable bracing involves holding up a tree using a cable attached to another tree.

You would need this service if your tree is damaged, or if your tree has a tendency to drop large large branches. Usually this would only happen to an old tree.

We only use up to date bracing methods. Surgeons used to bolt trees together using iron. This is not a good practice as you can start to kill the tree. You can’t just stab trees with metal – they are living entities. You can easily kill a tree and cause rot and decay throughout the whole thing if acting carefree.

Crown reduction

Do you need to make your tree smaller? Reducing the crown is the way to go. Reducing the crown means to get rid of parts of the tree and branches. This is especially useful if your tree is getting too large and starting to obstruct things around it, like your home, or perhaps your tree is leaning into your neighbours’ garden.

Another crown service we regularly carry out is crown thinning. Crown thinning doesn’t change the overall dimensions of the tree like crown reduction does. Crown thinning is to remove the density of your tree. Perhaps your tree is now unsightly as it is so thick, or you would like more light to shine through the branches and leaves.

Hedge planting

Want an attractive natural barrier? Hedges work really well for exactly this. With the right maintenance, hedges can last decades. We can show you a range of types of hedges you can choose to suit your landscape.

Hedge maintenance

A well maintained hedge could last up to half a century. We have plenty of contracts throughout parts of West London like Ealing and Harrow that we’re attending to on a monthly basis.

Each hedge will need its own type of maintenance contract. Some hedges need trimming every quarter, some every month, it just depends on your type of hedge and what you’re using it for.

Either way, we are happy to take on short term or long term contracts for both the residential and commercial market. We’re punctual, professional and skilled at hedge maintenance after offering it as a service for over a decade.

Ivy maintenance

Have ivy growing on your property? Ivy can look amazing. It’s reasonably rare and adds a really cool edge to your home. What doesn’t look amazing is overgrown, unmanaged ivy. Worse still, unmanaged ivy can be dangerous for your property and start to damage important things, like windows, guttering and roofs.

Call us if you need to get your ivy reduced and looking great again. Most people will only need their ivy maintained a couple of times a year. Just call us and we’ll be more than happy to visit you for a quote to sort out your ivy.

Tree pollarding

We carry out tree pollarding for all trees. A tree that has been pollarded is what it looks like when the tree has been sawn off at the branches of the tree. The tree then stands there looking like the root and sawn off branches. The branches are sawn off so they have style and proportion. Simply google a pollarded tree if you need to see what it looks like.

You would pollard a tree to keep the tree at a certain height. In busy areas like Ealing in West London, especially just in the city, pollarding trees is useful as the tree won’t become overly bushy and block light. It also helps for light to get into people’s homes. The tree is pollarded in a way that the branches can come off but the tree will still be healthy. The tree will also become ‘younger’ after being pollarded, meaning that it will survive longer. Also, less branches means less weight and mass, meaning less wind to blow against it and have the tree become unsafe to bystanders.

Green clearance

As we have 12 vehicles, we also carry out a green clearance service. Keeping rubbish around your property could have adverse effects. You might get rats and it doesn’t look particularly pleasing.

We can take everything for you, from tree waste, branches, rubble and anything else that needs taking away from your property.

The clearance is green, which means that everything can be recycled or reused will be.

There might be additional charges for larger items or things can’t be recycled. Just get in touch and we can give you full details on what can be taken and for what price.

Tree Care

We take tree care seriously. Most don’t understand the care it takes to keep a tree alive and ticking. You can’t hack, chop and saw at a tree and hope for the best.

There’s a reason we have three different crown services. Every type of service we carry out has a specific purpose and technique to execute it. Hiring a professional means you’ll get a professional result – your tree will be cared for. Hire a cowboy and you could risk your tree dying and becoming rotten. This could spread through your whole garden if not treated correctly.

With an exemplary safety record and all trees taken care of immaculately, you can be certain your tree will be safe with us. This goes for treating a tree you want to stay or getting rid of a tree, right the way through to the stump below the ground.


Which areas do you cover?

We’re based in West London so you can expect us to cover virtually this whole area. We probably have at least one tree surgeon working in Ealing every single day of the week because there are so many trees there to service.

Our tree surgeons spend plenty of time in Chiswick, too. You might even see one of our vans.

Occasionally, we’ll venture into North London and carry out works in Enfield. We’ll rarely go to the South of London or East London as they’re quite far away geographically. However, we know plenty of companies in East London and South London if you want us to recommend them to you.

For your information, one of them is a small team of tree surgeons in Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham. The other team works mostly out of North London, covering areas like Wandsworth, Enfield, Hampstead and Highgate. When we can’t get to jobs, we call these guys to cover for us so we trust them enough to put our names against them.

Simple give us a call if you would like their contact details.


Just get in touch for a free quote

Call or email us to arrange a free site visit and quote from tree surgeons in London. Our tree surgeons are more than happy quoting between carrying out work in other areas of West and South West London.

You’ll meet one of the team over the phone if you call. If you have any general questions, they may be answerable and we’ll always do our best to give over as much free advice as we can.

Please don’t feel offended if we can’t get an accurate quote to you over the phone. Creating an accurate quote often requires seeing the site in person so that we can create that bespoke, cost effective price you deserve. So if you need our services in West London, make sure to get in contact with us!

tree surgeon in West London removing a tree